Spray Dryer Mini

Spray Dryer can be used to dry aqueous solutions and suspensions.It is suitable for experiments and production where the product is required to be uniform in powder form.

* No organic solvents only aqueous solutions * 

Spray drying is accomplished by dissolving, emulsifying or dispersing the core substance in a solvent or in a solution of carrier material. The material is then atomized and sprayed into the drying
chamber where a hot stream of drying gas helps evaporate the solvent to produce dry solid particles. These particles are further separated from the gas stream and collected using centrifugal
forces with a cyclone.


Power consumption 3.6KW | 16.4A | NEMA 6-20 plug
Voltage 220V 60HZ
Evaporation capacity 2000ml/h @ 70% Yield Maximum
Dry air flow 70m3/h(MAX 600m3/h) | 1000Pa
Fan power 220V @ 400W | Variable Flow
Inlet air temperature 30-250℃ ±1℃
Outlet temperature 30-120℃ ±1℃
Heating capacity 3.0KW
Heating control PT-100 Sensor | PID | ±1℃
Air compressor 250W | MAX 4.2m3/H | 29 – 116 psi
Spray system Pneumatic Atomization
Average drying time 1.0-1.5s
Automatic unblocking function Automatic nozzle clearing with adjustable frequency
Control System Siemens S7-200smartPLC w/ 7 inch touch screen
Glass components 3.3 Borosilicate glass
Nozzle/heater/cyclone separator 316L stainless steel
Seals PTFE
Product feed pipe Silicone Rubber
Exhaust pipe Polyurethane
Dimensions 650×570×900mm | 25.6 x 22.5 x 35.43″
Weight 60KG | 132lbs


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