Turnkey 8×40 lab with Centrifuge, vacuum filter, decarb and distillation equipment.

This turnkey distillation extraction equipment system includes a full setup for extraction including a C1D1 lab, centrifuge extractor and all necessary components to make distillate**!!


-20L Centrifuge extractor turnkey with chillers included

–Winterization: 20L vacuum filter

-Rotovap: 20L Rotovap turnkey with chiller, evaporator, and vacuum pump, 50L storage vessel

–150L Storage vessel: Includes vessel with tri-clamp 250PSI mixing motor, and 30L 200C heater!

-Full Bore Short path distillation kit: Includes glass, adapters, two 24/40 cold traps, Vacuum pump, Heater Chiller -20-150c, all fittings and glass accessories


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