ASME Certified Stainless Steel Cold Trap

ASME Certified Stainless Steel Cold Trap

Our ASME-certified 304 stainless steel cold trap setup is ideal for applications requiring durable vapor collection to safeguard your vacuum pump. The cold trap features an inner chamber measuring 4″ x 10″ for dry ice, connected to a 6″ TC (Tri-Clamp) connection that facilitates easy removal and cleaning. Additionally, it includes two KF25 ports for vapor and a 1.5″ Tri-Clamp connection, enabling condensed liquid to collect in the attached collection flask.

Upgrade your cold traps today and protect your pumps with the ASME CertifiedĀ Cold Trap.


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Material 304 Stainless Steel
Side Connections KF25
Bottom Connection KF25
Top Connection 6″ TC Opening
Steel Insert 6″ TC to 4″ TC
Lid 4″ TC
Gaskets Buna-N
Certification ASME


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