line 1000L Jacketed Storage Vessel

This 1000L Stainless Steel Storage Vessel is expertly designed to meet the diverse needs of multiple industries. It features four 1.5″ TC ports, three 3″ TC ports, and a viewing port on the top, providing easy access and excellent monitoring capabilities. The bottom includes a 1.5″ TC drain for swift and efficient draining, and the jacket is equipped with two 1.5″ TC connections.

Ideal for storing solvents, this versatile tank is perfect for use in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and more. Its robust construction and multiple access points ensure efficient, safe handling and storage of various liquids, making it a reliable choice for your operational needs.

*The current model is a 3rd gen design, for any tanks purchased before 5/20/2024. Please call for drawings and specs.*



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