12″ Wiped-Film

12″ Wiped-Film

 Beaker & Wrench 12″ Wiped-Film


Beaker & Wrench continues to be an industry leader, bringing together scientific expertise and real-world industry experience.

Take the guess-work out of large scale distillation with their Wiped-Film Evaporation Turn-Key System. It arrives fully functional, meaning you can take advantage of the latest technology immediately and without additional installation or training costs.

Other control processes can be subjective and vulnerable to user error, but their automated Wiped-Film Evaporation Turn-Key System will help maximize your product outcomes with greater productivity and maximum purity.

12” Wiped Film Measurements:76”[1.9m] x 30”[0.762m] x 85”[2.16m]

Integrated 23″ Touch-Screen Control

200LFeed Tank

ACS 100 60 CFMDry Screw Vacuum Pump

Dual Stage Cold Trap-50/-100C

Inlet and Outlet Gear Pumps(continuous flow)

Single-Plug 240V Three-Phase to power the entire machine

Six Zone Evaporator Body(1.1m² evaporative area)

Consistency is Key

Get greater consistency, purity, and confidence in every cannabis oil distillation when you use our system to monitor and optimize flow rate, temperature, pressure, and wiper speed (RPM) in real time. Then…

NRTL Certified

Each system is 6“ or 12” and constructed with fully compliant USA NRTL-certified components, including a display unit and two sensors to track the contents of both streams of fluid as it continuously travels through the glassware. Get started rapidly with…

Set it and Forget it

Fully continuous flow leaves behind less advanced methods with a dependable output of 15-30 liters per hour; maximizing efficiency and minimizing complications. Be assured of the quality of your system because we’re…

Easy Installation

Your system arrives ready to use immediately with all components primed for use. Just roll it off the lift gate and let it get to work. Meet demand and feel confident in the quality of your output with this turn-key system. Don’t make it complicated. Get it right.

Lead time: 8-12 weeks from date of payment of 50% deposit, 50% due prior to shipping


Skid Frame: + Dimensions (LxWxH): 76”[1.9m] x 30”[0.762m] x 85”[2.16m] + Weight:1,000 lbs [450Kg] + Material: Extruded Aluminum + 6” castors w/ brakes

Shipping Information: + Dimensions (LxWxH): 82.5”[2.01m] x 36.5”[0.93m] x 87.5”[2.22m] + Total Weight: 1200 lbs [545Kg]

Electrical Power Distribution Box: + Plug: SCAME SCM563P6W + Input Voltage: 240VAC 3 Phase with Neutral 60 Hz + External Circuit breaker: 60 amp + Nominal current: 24 amps Control Interface + Custom 27” high definition touch screen interface + automated controls + recipe folder +automated sensors and safeties +Error reporting +Software controlled Emergency shutdown

Feed Tank: + Volume: 200 Liter + Material: 316 Stainless Steel + double jacketed + Max Temp: [95°C] + Heater: water jacket with 2500kW heater

Feed Hose: + Length: 7’-0” [2.13m] + Voltage: 120VAC + Amps: 4.5 Amps + Max Temp: 450°F[220°C] + K-type sensor

Rotor: + Wipers: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) + Mesh Baffles: 316 Stainless Steel + Motor Voltage: 240VAC + Motor Amps: 4(Max) + Motor Watts: 1kw (Continuous) + Speed: 0-400RPM + Dust and Splash Resistant

Still Body / Wiped Film Evaporator: + Evaporation Surface Area: 1.1m² + Materials: 316 Stainless Steel + Heat Source: multi-zone Heat Band with independent thermocouples and control + Maximum Power: 12kWatts + Feed Inlet: KF25 + Top and Bottom Connections: 12” sanitary flange + Insulation jacket included Internal condenser: + multi-finger hairpin condenser + Materials: 316 Stainless Steel + Vacuum port: NW80 + Distillate port: KF25 + Residue port: 1.50” Tri-clamp + 2,500w heater + Cooling capacity 8,000w @80c

Residue heater: 120VAC, 0.78 amp, 150°C Max Temp, K-type sensor 90W, UR Recognized Heat Pad Residue Outlet Conical shaped Mesh cleanable filter Dual heat pads Clog SensorLiquid level sensor Led lights

Condenser Circulator: + Model: BWC-A120 + Bath Volume: ~12L + Bath Fluid: Beaker Kool + multi-fan & Radiator cooling system + Temperature range: 25 to 90°C + Temperature stability: ±1 °C + Heating capacity: 2.5 kW +Cooling capacity: 8kw @80c

Gear Pumps: + Voltage: 48VDC + Amperage: 5A + Max Rate: 50.0 L/Hr + Heater: 120v, 0.5amp, 120°C Max Temp, K-type sensor + 45w, UL Recognized Heat Pad + Check Valve Included

Dual Stage Cold Trap: + 2 stage cold trap optimized for maximum vacuum protection + Model: Huber TC100 & -100C + CC 508 -50C (1.5kw cooling @ 0c) + Temperature Range: -100 to 100°C

Vacuum Gauge: + Model: KJ Lesker


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