Syloid® XDP 3150 Silica : Turn Distillate to Powder (FDA Approved Ingredient)

Syloid® XDP 3150 Silica : Turn Distillate to Powder (FDA Approved Inactive Ingredient)

Syloid® XDP 3150 Silica

Solid Carrier for lipid- based drug delivery systems

Convert your Distillate to a Powdered Ingredient!

SYLOID® XDP is engineered for transforming liquids to free-flowing solids particularly oily actives and lipid-based systems. SYLOID XDP silica provides the most complete release of loaded oils.  We use this Patented silica for a variety of infusions, and to build repeatable recipes.  Simply mix by hand slowly or with a machine mixer 1:1 (distillate to SYLOID).  SYLOID® XDP give you the ability to create large powdered ingredient batches that can be used later.  The best part is that your ratio of distillate equals the SYLOID.  This makes batching and recipes easy to replicate and you don’t have to be an expert at infusing.

Recommended Use:

  • Capsules, Chewable Tables, Gummy Products, Chocolates, Drinks
  • BVV Recommends Ratio of 1:1 Volume (Distillate to SYLOID)
  • Oil-Liquisolid Formulations
  • Maximum daily intake: 5.4 grams/day
  • The daily intake calculations are for adults of average 132 lbs. 


  • FDA Approved Inactive Ingredient 
  • Stays in Suspension for edibles, delivering an equal dose into each serving!
  • Optimum Bioavailability
  • Complete release of your Active Ingredients!
  • Pharmaceutical product for Infusion products 
  • Mixing by hand for small batches, or kitchen planetary mixer SLOWLY

Water Based Drink Notes

  • Does not stay suspended evenly in drinks, shaking before drinking required.
  • Distillate can Release in hot drinks above 170F. (this does not apply to edible recipes)

SYLOID® XDP Technical Data Sheet 

SYLOID® XDP Standard Operating Procedures – Liquid Loading

Syloid® XDP is a high purity silica gel that consists of over 99% SiO2, and it meets ICH guidelines on elemental impurities, the test requirements of U.S. Pharmacopoeia-National Formulary for Silicon Dioxide and European Pharmacopoeia for Silica, Colloidal Hydrated.

This product is labeled CAS # 7631-86-9 amorphous silica gel or silicon dioxide.  An approved FDA Database inactive Ingredient, approved for drug products.




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