IsoTech ChemoSphere – SV Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (C.A.C.I.)


The ChemoSphere is a safe, clean, cost-effective C.A.C.I. PEC for chemo compounding that is USP <797 / 800>, OSHA, AND NIOSH compliant.

  • ISO Class 4 in the main chamber & ISO Class 5 in the antechamber
  • Unidirectional and negative pressure C.A.C.I
  • Alarms and interlocks for and safety
  • Fast recovery rate (less than 1 minute)
  • Ease of use, easy to install, maintain, and operate
  • Ergonomic: IV bar, lifting system stand, passthroughs, and electrical outlets.
  • Many sizes and options available

– Working Chamber Height 39”

– 115V Power Requirement

 DEMO UNIT (only used for demonstration purposes)

ChemoSphere – SV Product Brochure

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