DPCP Quantum | TriSENS Vacuum Sensor, Pirani & Capacitive Piezo 7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr

DPCP Quantum | TriSENS Vacuum Sensor, Pirani & Capacitive Piezo 7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr


The Digivac TriSENS vacuum sensor delivers deep and wide vacuum measurement + process control + overpressure indication all in one gauge where multiple gauges were required before. Range: 7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr


DPCP Quantum | TriSENS Vacuum Sensor

The Digivac TriSENS Vacuum Sensor Delivers High Vacuum Measurement + Process Control + Overpressure Indication All in One

Deep & Wide Vacuum Measurement

Highly accurate direct pressure measurement down to 10 microns (.01 Torr) combined with high vacuum measurement down to 10-6

Measurement range:  7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr

Accuracy Specifications:

1000 Torr to .001 Torr = +/- 3%

.0001 Torr to 10-6 Torr = +/- 20%

Contamination Containment

Integrated baffle helps protect sensor elements from particulate contamination and increase its longevity

Visual Process Indicator

Multi-color LEDs to indicate pressure range. Includes a bright yellow overpressure indicator to help you avoid system damage. This is very useful when not using a display controller

The DPCP Quantum | TriSENS Vacuum Sensor establishes new standards with an all-in-one wide range measurement solution for a wide selection of vacuum applications. This transducer is an overall cost-effective solution with an ultra-wide 9 decade range that includes 5 decades of gas independent measurement. The Digivac TriSENS: Quantum Pirani, Capacitance, Piezo all-in-one gauge


  • Deep & wide measuring range of 9 decades delivered by an all-in-one gauge that combines pirani,
    capacitance manometer, and piezo technology
  • 6 decades of gas independent measurement| 5×10-3 to 1333 mbar
  • Reliable solid-state relay for process control
  • 0-10V for PLC Input
  • LED Color Pressure Indicator
  • Robust ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauge
  • Mountable in any orientation without impact on performance


  • PVD Coating Equipment
  • Freeze Drying endpoint detection
  • Load lock control
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Semiconductor
  • Research
  • Vacuum pump service
  • Heat treatment, Vacuum furnaces

Why is the Quantum Gauge Series a Quantum Leap for Vacuum Measurement?

The Quantum Gauge Series is a quantum leap in simplicity and range for vacuum gauging. Smart pairings of sensor technologies that deliver what people really need.

All-in-one,highly accurate wide range vacuum measurement at a cost-effective price point.

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Vacuum Gauge comparison chart


Data Sheet

Operation Manuel


Measuring Range 1×10-5 to 1333 mbar (7.5×10-6 to 1000 Torr)
Measuring principle 1×10-6 to 1×10-3 mbar MEMS Pirani thermal conductivity
Measuring principle 5×10-3 to 3.99 mbar Capacitance manometer
Measuring principle 6 to 1333 mbar MEMS piezo diaphragm
Measurement Accuracy (Torr)
From To Accuracy
7.5×10-6 7.5×10-5 50%
7.5×10-5 7.5×10-3 20%
7.5×10-3 1000 Torr 3%


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