20L Rotary Evaporator Turnkey System

20L Rotary Evaporator Turnkey System



-20L Rotary evaporator

-30L Chiller: Room temperature to -30C 4,000BTU-13,500BTU

-MD4C NT Diaphragm pump

-USA Lab Propylene Glycol


Packing list cont:

20L RE-1020 Rotary Evaporator Base

Main Condenser

Auxiliary Condenser

20L Boiling Flask

10L Receiving Flask

Three-Way Bump Trap

Vapor Duct with Seal (Pre-Installed)

PTFE Vacuum Sealing Kit (Pre-Installed)

Glass Vacuum Port with PTFE Valve

PTFE Feeding Tube with Extension Hose

Vertical Stand

Vacuum Gauge


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